Point At Movie Poster, Watch The Trailer

Chris Sheldrake

Point at a movie poster with your Nokia mobile phone then watch the trailer and if you like then get directions to the closest cinema playing it – that’s the vision from Nokia with their relatively new ‘Point & Find‘ technology, launched recently (with far too little fanfare actually) and updated yesterday (Monday 4th May) with the very latest early beta.

nokia-point-and-find-logoPoint & Find is an open platform and at the moment is only available as a service in the US and the UK.

We haven’t seen or heard of any campaigns using it just yet but you can bet that Nokia will themselves be one of the first to use it out of home real soon.

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  1. Ian McLellan Says:

    This technology is not new, there is a company called Snapnow, who’s premise is to use the ‘mobile as a mouse’. I met a couple of their guys last year, impressive stuff.

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