Mary Queen Of Shops

Chris Sheldrake

A couple of years ago Mary Portas, retail adviser, journalist and television presenter. was invited to speak at an excellent luxury signage summit organised and hosted by Carlipa Group in Paris.

446mary_portasMary is the latest guru to follow the ‘pop-up store’ trend discussed here some time ago. In London of course we already have Tyler Brulee’s small Monocle outlet in Marleybone and now this is joined by Mary’s ‘experiment’ – a one month opening of Mary’s Living and Giving Shop in Westfield London.

Like all ‘pop-up stores’ if it is successful it probably gets to stay open a little longer or maybe permanent. We wonder if she is doing any digital signage or audio in the store and if not, why not?

The store coincides strangely enough with Portas’s new BBC series on charity shops – something she describes as “a little bit smelly … and a little bit irrelevant” – something she is hoping to change in her own shop we would hope!!

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  1. Anthony shelton Says:

    Have just watched first episode of prog where Mary is advising save the children-some 35 years ago I worked with children in residential care and we had exactly the same problem-around christmas time people would donate articles “for the children at christmas” but the vast majority of items had obviously been diverted from the rubbish bin-our solution was to store it and then after christmas sell everything off in a jumble sale-amazingly we got rid of almost every item and made a tidy profit for the home

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