BT @InLinkUK Seen in Camden

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Previously known as LinkUK, the joint venture between BT, Primesight and Intersection in the UK has chosen to update its name to InLinkUK to create a distinctive brand in the UK market (they are obviously ‘Links’ in NYC).

Gerry McQuade, CEO, BT Wholesale & Ventures, said: “This is the phone box of the future. InLinkUK from BT brings the payphone up-to-date and gives people the services they need and use every day in the 21st century – and the bonus is it’s all for free. But as well as the free services – ultrafast Wi-Fi, phone calls, rapid mobile charging and local information – councils and community organisations will be able to use the screens to provide up-to-the minute news and information to local residents. And just as the phone box has evolved, the new InLinks could evolve to use the internet of things, with connected sensors to monitor and help us understand and improve our environment.”

The first of these InLink units, which will replace some of BT’s existing payphones in the capital, has now appeared on Camden High Street in London (shown below).

Matt Bird, general manager, InLinkUK, told us “InLinks introduce the technology we need to create a better urban environment. InLinks in the future will feature sensors to capture real-time environmental data, such as pollution and traffic conditions, never seen before in the UK at such a micro level. ‘InLinks’ free connectivity and essential digital services will create connected corridors throughout the city to connect businesses to customers, residents to local services and visitors to a new part of London.”

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