New Hillenaar Outdoor Rotating Billboards

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

From August 12, Hillenaar Outdoor will start campaigns on fifteen modern rotating Billboards in Zoetermeer and four in Leiderdorp.

Jeroen Hillenaar told us “These are a spectacular addition to our network in the Randstad. We are already strongly represented in this area and with these rotating Billboards we are strengthening our position. They are located at absolute A locations along main roads that connects the cities with, among others, The Hague and Leiden. They are very commercially relevant”.

Out-of-home reach in the ‘Rotterdam / The Hague’ metropolitan area, where over 2.3 million people live and work, is a big opportunity for Hillenaar Outdoor. This is not a coincidence because the Southern Randstad is an economically important and densely populated area that is indispensable for advertisers. Hillenaar already has a lot of media in Rotterdam and The Hague, including a Highway Sign and various Adshels.

Zoetermeer has traditionally been a growth center of The Hague. This means that a lot of commuter traffic takes place between both cities. Visibility among this commercially important target group is interesting for advertisers and we are happy to facilitate that. The same applies to Leiderdorp, near Leiden, the A4 and in the middle of the Groene Hart. Currently Zoetermeer has more than 120,000 habitants, and is therefore one of the largest cities in South Holland.

“Rotating Billboards are a strong medium. They are large, modern in design, illuminated and they rotate. This provides extra attention. The rotating Billboards are evenly and proportionally distributed across the city along all major traffic arteries that connect Zoetermeer with the rest of the Randstad. Visibility among a relevant target group is thus guaranteed.”

From its start in 2017, Hillenaar Outdoor has been the fastest growing out-of-home advertising company in the Netherlands

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