emebaVet And 21 Digital Signage Strategic Alliance

Chris Sheldrake

Interesting strategic alliance between emebaVet, LLC, a veterinary hospital captive audience digital signage solutios and systems integrator in the US and and 21 Digital Signage, a UK-based veterinary hospital digital signage company that we have written about a few times before here.

The strategic alliance they say should lead to a super network that almost doubles their presence worldwide and seems to make a lot of sense. For niche sector (not niche businesses per se) networks this is actually something we suggested several years ago for all the (successful) pharmacy networks out there,

Here this alliance forms a combined network of 250 practices resulting in more than 500,000 captive audience viewers per month. 21 Digital Signage Marketing Director Alex Weller told us “Our synergy is tremendous. This alliance allows for substantial growth of our current network, as well as provides Vetslive a presence in the U.S.”

Program specific content focusing on animal education and pet healthcare is designed to raise client awareness, as well as serves as a valuable marketing tool, encouraging clients to consult their veterinarian for recommendations regarding products, procedures and compliance issues.

emebaVet Vice President of Operations Dave Titchenal welcomes the alliance and told us “While we have created a strong system throughout the United States, we have been looking for partners to expand worldwide. Vetslive’s solid reputation in the UK sold us right away on the possibilities of achieving this strategic goal – we are incredibly pleased with this alliance.”

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