CEN Media & @Ultraleap Sign Deal For Cinema Networks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

CEN Media Group and Ultraleap have signed a deal that will see touchless technology solutions installed into CEN’s digital out-of-home cinema network. As cinemas reopen and respond to life post-COVID-19, this technology will allow brands to continue to engage with consumers in a safe and responsible way.
CEN and Ultraleap touchless advertising technology at movie theater

Kevin Romano, CEO and Founder of CEN Media Group, told us “Organizations that are taking proactive measures to protect and enrich the consumer experiences of their customers will be the most successful in the post-COVID-19 world. Safety is always paramount, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of the user experience. We have addressed those issues head on with the installation of Ultraleap’s touchless technologies which provide safe and clean interaction while engaging the consumer”.

Starting with 10 city locations, the permanent installation of Ultraleap’s technology will run standard display advertising and touchless interactive content harmoniously. Full ecosystem support will come from the likes of Broadsign for content management and AdMobilize for data analytics.

The installations will include Ultraleap’s hand tracking and mid-air haptics which will limit the spread of germs and provide safe and natural interaction with content. This will be Ultraleap’s first US network installation at scale in digital-out-of-home.

Steve Cliffe, CEO at Ultraleap said “When combined with the fact that people are 1.8x more likely to interact with gesture control in the future, compared to touchscreens, it becomes clear that using this type of technology not only surprises and delights consumers, but they now highly value being able to interact without touching surfaces. CEN is taking a proactive approach and considering what future consumer behaviours they can respond to. By installing our touchless technologies, they will be fully prepared for when cinemas begin to reopen.”.

In an old study conducted by Ultraleap, interactive digital signage was shown to move the needle across a range of measures, from dwell time all the way through to purchase intent. In the cinema lobby context, this resulted in a directional estimate of sales uplift of up to $15,000 per interactive screen over the course of a typical three-week campaign*.

We are not surprised that AdMobilize are involved, Michael Neel, VP Sales and Marketing there was quoted as saying “We’ve always believed in the power of touchless technology and AI from inception. Together with Ultraleap and CEN Media Group we look to provide powerful AI and analytics solutions that protect and enhance the customer experience.”

*Directional estimate of sales uplift per interactive screen over three-week Detective Pikachu campaign.

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