Voilàp Group Announces a New Digital Division

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

The Voilàp Group has formed a Digital Division with the aim being to accelerate the group’s growth in the Smart City sector, providing all its digital brands with specialised services designed to boost each one of them in terms of innovation and growth.

We are told the the Digital Division will work closely with the Industrial Division (which focuses on Group companies with industrial and manufacturing vocations). It is headed by Fabio Vairani, co-founder and CEO of Imecon srl, one of the Group’s digital companies.

Fabio Vairani, Director of the Digital Division, told us “I am thrilled by this opportunity, because the new synergies between Group companies will enable us to carry out highly ambitious projects and exploit previously inaccessible opportunities. The companies in the division that I lead will bring with them all the skills, products and vision that will enable Voilàp to consolidate its position of leadership in the sectors of retail digital signage, IoT and out-of home advertising. Finally, I’m really enthusiastic about collaborating with a team of top-level professionals, in which there is already a magnificent harmony of vision and sharing of values.”

His task will be to coordinate the implementation of strategic guidelines drawn up in relation to the digital brands’ development of products, services, operations and commercial policies. This will include creating platforms that integrate products and services, exploiting best practices, know-how and group synergies for the benefit of customers (basically supporting and guiding them through the digital transformation phase by applying innovative technological solutions).

Launched in 1970, the Voilàp Group provides technologies serving Smart Cities. The Group has a worldwide presence in over 60 countries, with eight production facilities (located mostly in Italy and Germany) and an extensive network of 40 commercial branches that also offer after-sales services. The Group has a total workforce of over 1,400 personnel and in 2019 it achieved a total turnover of more than 300 million Euro.

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