Digital Advans Now Touchscreen

Chris Sheldrake


SA Screen Media Digital Advans, the folks behind DigiAdvans have some of the most comprehensive micro-sites detailing past campaigns that we have seen – so many in fact that we gave up a third of the way trying to plough through them all!

We like these vans and there’s a couple of of things worth mentioning…

  • First company to go touch screen with mobile media
  • First company to incorporate audience measurement into the mobile fleet reading dwell times, OTS and gender recognition. They are we believe looking at advancing this to read age groups.
  • First company to take the mobile transportation fleet in the Bio Fuel direction. All of the SA digiadvans are now Bio fuel.

They have also been short listed for a couple of UK awards for 2009. Some of the awards are for the award winning Microsoft ‘Im a PC@ campaign and we will be covering that in more detail later on.

4 Responses to “Digital Advans Now Touchscreen”

  1. Ian Says:

    Hope the sun doesn’t shine, even this close up the single user will have difficulty seeing the projector based screen, what happens when the vans are mobile, or people decide to hit rather than touch the screen? Interesting!

  2. Scott Anthony Says:

    Hi Ian

    Obviously I would be very suprised if someone tried to run along side the Digiadvan whilst trying to interact with the touch screen, could be dangerous! However due to the significant optical lenticular screen technology even the folks in Florida are buzzing about the close proximity interactive touch screen in direct sunlight.

    What an achievement for outdoor media and technology…

  3. Andrew Corrigan Says:

    Ian Taylor of Media Displays perchance? Interesting comments considering you’re their competition.

    We’ve used Digivans on numerous campaigns and found them to be a superb product especially at close range – quality is still amazing. I don’t usually champion products but I can’t abide when the competition try stunts like this – just had to speak up!

    Andrew Corrigan


  4. Ian Says:

    Hi Andrew, very interesting, delighted that you have had success with projector based screens outdoors, if projector screens worked well outdoors, all the major event companies in the UK would not invest in LED screens, when projectors are signifanctly cheaper. We pioneered digivans before SA Media, we launched our first digi-van in 2004. We invested in LED because it is the only product that works in sunlight. Interestingley we have taken on a number of projects this year, because Clients using projector based digivans have been disapointed with the quality.

    One small question, if the projection screens are capable of operating in sunlight, why does SA Media see the need to use a canopy which is attached to their vehicles!

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