CloudThinQ Acquired By @Utelogy

Andrew Neale

Utelogy, the leading UC, AV & Device management, monitoring and analytics company has announced its acquisition of CloudThinQ, an innovative, Seattle-based provider of #IOT and real-time device management for the Enterprise workplace.

Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy told us “In a post-pandemic world as employees return to the hybrid workplace our customers are looking to ensure all technology users enjoy a great experience and therefore need a toolset to help increase uptime, monitor and manage technology proactively as well as deliver deep analytics and user insights. With Utelogy’s acquisition of CloudThinQ, our technology will deliver on the combined vision of allowing everyone in the connected workspace to be first class participants”.

CloudThinQ has developed a unique cloud-based enterprise IoT platform to intelligently integrate building systems into a flexible and scalable framework for enhanced smart building experiences.

The strategic acquisition of CloudThinQ augments the Utelogy proposition and we are told will provide a platform extension that delivers insight, management, and control far beyond the meeting room and classroom and drives value to a wider cross section of stakeholders.

As part of the acquisition, Jim Sebring Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of CloudThinQ will join Utelogy as Chief Technology Officer.

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