Live With @DailyDOOH At #SamsungKX Take 1

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week during London Digital Signage Week we made full use of the excellent facilities at SamsungKX in London King’s Cross and recorded two programmes for DailyDOOH (on Tuesday), four videos as part of the Outsmart Standards Event (on Wednesday) as well as broadcasting from there on the Thursday afternoon, the AdTECH: OOH – London Conference on YouTube Live, complete with a live studio audience.

Up first however was a slightly new format for us, ‘Live With DailyDOOH’ …

On from the beginning of the show was long time industry professional, Rainmaker’s Kevin Shute who was joined later by industry newbie, but no less a powerhouse and dare I say a super salesman, Buyers & Sellers Media PLC’s Senior Media Trader Jess Fitzpatrick who has only been in the industry for three years (but who has already brought more ‘new’ brands to advertise for the first time in out of home than almost any other company or person we can think of) and last but not least Diversiffi Media’s Founder Fiona FitzGibbon who as always spoke passionately and intelligently about the industry that she loves (look out for her talking about the global #covid19 PSA that she drove from conception to fruition during lockdown).

As always, Kevin speaks frankly and freely gives his expert advice. Two good points from his conversation throughout the show, firstly he suggested that industry help Ukraine get back on its feet with an industry event of some kind their next year (perhaps we can do an AdTECH; OOH – Kiev sometime in 2023) and that Outsmart could get more help from the media owners, he said “if not, with money, perhaps people could be seconded to the industry standards group for a period of time’ – truly an excellent idea and one that I hope is heeded.

Jess being the youngster on the show managed to explain clearly to us all what an NFT was!

I hope you will watch, we think it was an innovative and interesting approach to getting viewpoints from various different people in the industry. We kept it to just under 45 minutes which is probably a bit long for the TikTok generation but perhaps with a cup of tea and a bun it’s viewable to you at your desk in the office or at home.

Big thanks to new (new to us) sponsors, Global, DAX and Talon Outdoor for helping us make this live broadcast quality production happen. Also a big hats off to the live events team at Stellar who are so professional (and helpful) and for SamsungKX for hosting us once again.

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