#OutfrontPrime Enhanced w/ #sOOH Capability

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

OUTFRONT Media (NYSE:OUT) this week announced that it has enhanced OUTFRONT PRIME with new social out-of-home (sOOH) capabilities.

This, we are told, expands the company’s reach to brands looking to harness this powerful combination by marrying social media and influencer activations with OOH campaigns on its most premium assets.

OUTFRONT PRIME of course leverages a portfolio of 250-plus coveted, high-impact locations across North America while building upon a trend that has organically grown in recent years, that of brands driving social amplification using their out of home campaigns as core content.

By ‘productizing’ this new (so-called) sOOH sector, OUTFRONT will be leveraging these capabilities and social learnings to work even more closely with social-first brands and agencies to co-create opportunities to leverage the PRIME assets’ massive potential for earned attention.  The company is now also offering influencer marketing support ranging from consultation to social listening, including identifying influencers to work with via a partnership with Tagger.

OUTFRONT has begun rolling out new branding across its PRIME locations, featuring the #outfrontprime hashtag in order to emphasize this capability.

According to Comscore research, OOH campaigns generate 7X more social posts, per ad dollar spent, than any other measured medium, plus 5X more website visits, 6X more social searches and 5.3X more online purchases.  Additionally, campaigns that combine social and OOH drive up to 10X the reach (Comscore 2022).

OUTFRONT PRIME marks the evolution of this “social out-of-home” strategy, taking the powerful results noted above, and bringing it to the company’s largest, most iconic inventory.  These include premium billboard and wall sites that attract millions of eyeballs in high consumer traffic areas of major U.S. cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.

“OUTFRONT PRIME is already becoming a go-to media choice for the brands that are shaping our culture – for advertisers who want to start conversations and see their campaigns transcend the real world effectively into the digital one,” said OUTFRONT Media CMO Jodi Senese. “By leveraging the social power of our PRIME assets, we are able to take something that has been happening organically and validated by data, to social-first brands and help them find exponential value in combining OOH and Social into a single marketing strategy.”

Leading into the relaunch, this has included such noted brands as Adidas, Airbnb, Amazon, Chanel, Gucci, Hulu, Netflix, and Uber Eats, to name a few. For example, Calvin Klein, via its 4-week OUTFRONT PRIME campaign featuring Jari Jones, garnered 3.1 million OOH impressions along with 46.4 million potential people reached on Instagram. Dollar Shave Clubachieved 19.9 million OOH impressions while generating a recall average of 65% (Nuvi 2020, 2021).

OUTFRONT PRIME has also proven effective for brands seeking to engage with GenZ and Millennials as 1-in-3 consumers from these demos have looked for a brand on social media after seeing an OOH ad (Harris Poll 2021). Recall of OOH campaigns gets a 67% lift among GenZ and Millennials (Harris Poll 2022).

Connecting IRL to URL, OUTFRONT PRIME locations serve as a social media primer, delivering measurable traction and consumer engagement. They inspire not just influencers, but consumers to take out their cell phones and capture a photo or video of a brand campaign, and then share their passions in real-time across their social networks. In fact, according to research, OOH makes both social and mobile work harder for brands, with consumer likelihood to click on a mobile ad following exposure to an OOH ad resulting in 5.3X more search queries and 7X more social posts than any other media, per ad dollar spent (Comscore, 2022). Additionally, 91% of Millennials and GenZ have shared a photo of OOH to at least one social platform (Benchmarketing, 2022).

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