New @Intersection_co IxNConnect Anywhere Pilot

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Intersection’s IxNConnect Anywhere (a new product that builds off of existing city/transit software solution, IxNConnect that was first launched wayback in 2018) is aimed at helping cities improve the urban experience for residents navigating the transit system on a daily basis is now being ran as a pilot with the City of Philadelphia.

  • IxNConnect Anywhere is an on-demand mobile homepage that allows residents to easily access dynamic city info relevant to that particular location on their device via QR code without the need to download apps or logins.
  • Transit partners can now offer dynamic arrivals, departures and other local information across the city— without needing to manually replace static signage, or investing heavily in installing new digital displays.
  • Triggered via QR scan from a real-world marker, this cuts through any searching and is easily discoverable
  • Alleviates privacy concerns as there is no need to share lat/lon permission to see locally relevant info.
  • An extension of Intersection’s digital street suite, IxNConnect Anywhere allows partners to offer dynamic information to their constituents at locations where they cannot meet this need through digital displays – i.e. static bus stops  etc
  • Intersection’s assets live in public locations, where people engage with them every day, delivering connectivity, information, and content that elevates the urban experience.

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