LaunchPAD Adds Billboard Live

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Clear Channel LaunchPAD’s programmatic offering now includes 372 Billboard Live screens across the UK (available in more than 85 towns and cities nationwide).

The addition of Billboard Live screens marks the continued expansion of Clear Channel LaunchPAD in the UK where advertisers can already access the UK’s largest DOOH network Adshel Live (over 3,000 screens), the Malls Live premium digital screen network available in the UK’s leading shopping malls (over 600 screens), and the UK’s number one digital supermarket network (over 650 screens).

Dom Dunne, Programmatic Commercial Lead at Clear Channel Europe told us “The inspiration behind LaunchPAD’s most recent development stems from an increase in positive customer feedback and programmatic activity this year. By continuing to build out our digital Out of Home inventory, we’re able to give brands and advertisers access to more of what they want and need when it comes to effortlessly engaging with real-world consumers through seamless access to programmatic inventory, which now includes an additional format. Our customers benefit immensely from contextually relevant messaging, and we look forward to delivering even greater results in the future”.

Clear Channel LaunchPAD offers Real Time Bidding on Clear Channel’s prime DOOH estate, via Private MarketPlace deals, using data fuelled by audience insights from Clear Channel RADAR®.

Henry Taylor, Publisher Manager Hawk UK at Hawk DSP was quoted as saying “We welcome the expansion of Clear Channel LaunchPAD’s programmatic offering, which ultimately enables us to extend our digital Out of Home inventory to advertisers, providing more of the instant control programmatic buying provides, as well as all of the flexibility and creativity afforded by digital Out of Home. Now our advertising partners will have even more opportunities to reach real-world audiences across multiple environments making it easier to add premium digital Out of Home advertising to their omnichannel advertising campaigns.”

Clear Channel LaunchPAD is a pan-European advertising platform offering programmatic, automated, and direct buying channels, available through supply-side platform partners Broadsign and Hivestack and demand-side platform partners Adform, Adomni, Google Display & Video 360, Hawk, Hivestack, OutMoove, Pladway, Sage + Archer, Scoota, Splicky, The Trade Desk, and Yahoo! in the UK.

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