GSTV Team Up w/ Super League

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

GSTV, the US on-the-go video network engaging and entertaining targeted audiences at scale across tens of thousands of fuel retailers, and Super League (Nasdaq:SLE), a leading creator and publisher of content experiences and media solutions across the world’s largest immersive platforms, announced this week that they have formed a groundbreaking partnership that will unite the physical journey of consumers with the expansive digital world of gaming.

To kick things off, the partnership brings Super League’s popular Metaburst gaming news segment to GSTV, keeping millions of viewers at fuel and convenience retailers across the country updated on the latest trends and advancements in the 3D web, virtual worlds and platforms like Roblox and Fortnite. GSTV and Super League are also collaborating on other integration opportunities that unite physical and digital retail engagement to provide brands with innovative and exciting ways to reach a broad base of consumers.

Metaburst is now airing on GSTV and brands will have the opportunity to sponsor the segment or produce custom segments together with Super League and GSTV. GSTV and Super League will also offer unique ways to bridge the gap between the physical act of fueling up and the digital world of gaming. In addition to extending in-game content to GSTV screens, the Super League Loyalty & Reward platform will power custom omnichannel programs that reward Roblox users with seamless real world benefits from GTSV partners, and create opportunities for GSTV audience family members to enjoy special rewards within Roblox. The partnership promises to power up not vehicles and avatars by energizing the way brands and consumers interact across dimensions.

Kristina Lutz, EVP, Marketing at GSTV said, “By combining GSTV’s reach and unique ability to garner attention and drive action together with Super League’s gaming and technology expertise, we are creating a dynamic synergy that captivates audiences, offering them a glimpse into the gaming universe while they engage in everyday activities. This partnership exemplifies the power of merging real-world interactions with digital insights, delivering content that is both relevant and compelling to a broad audience, and a tool for marketers looking to build out truly game-changing campaigns and reach an on-the-go audience making purchase decisions.”

Super League is the latest partnership from GSTV that offers advertisers new creative content opportunities to magnify the platform’s attention and scale, while also fulfilling trending client demand for creator and gaming content. GSTV currently reaches 115 million unique adults a month across more than 29,000 sites. In February, GSTV announced a partnership with Influential to extend branded influencer content onto its network while also scaling creators visibility to reach new audiences. More details about the Super League and GSTV partnership, including in-game integrations, will be shared in the coming weeks.

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