Viscom Paris 2009 Initial Thoughts

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Viscom Paris opened its doors yesterday for a three day event. The organisers are expecting 11,000 visitors from 80 countries and 190 exhibitors.

Elegant and 'Digital'

Elegant and 'Digital'

In the official catalogue I counted 157 regular exhibitors and 20 Digital Media stands – as welcome as it was in the Digital Media area, a free Nespresso– what else? – doesn’t quite qualify as digital and to all intents and purposes the DOOH industry has flown away – I guess you can’t have a large German printing machine on one side and then expect a software/technology company to have fun on the other? Ed

The event remains an overall forum for all forms of retail marketing activity, and as ever, the largest stands were taken up by massive poster printing machines.

Stretching the concept

Stretching the point...

Adrian was very complimentary last year about French industry association APCAD’s efforts in drumming up exhibitors in the digital area.

This year something seems to have gone wrong – APCAD does have a stand but apart from Alioscopy and Imadys, there were very few of the regular suspects. Perhaps in an effort to maintain the surface area, the organisers stretched the notion of ‘digital’ somewhat as some of the pictures show.

However, I did meet a couple of new faces, and the opening conference was very good. I will be writing about this a little later, now was where that free Nespresso…

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