Screenfeed’s New Weather Offering

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Minneapolis–based Screenfeed has introduced a new service that allows customers to tap into eye-catching high-definition weather graphics and video weather reports that are free of any logo branding as seen from some subscription-based weather providers.

weather1Screenfeed, which brands itself as The Digital Signage Content Store, offers the diverse new set of weather content services to retail and ad network operators without commitments. It is the newest product among Screenfeed’s feeds of news, sports, celebrity gossip, photo trivia, local event information, HD video scenery and data that inform and entertain on screens across a variety of venues.

Service provider branding and subscription commitments are removed in Screefeeed’s new set of weather content services, thereby opening up new revenue opportunities for operators. Since all Screenfeed weather content is completely unbranded, it enables operators of digital signage networks to instead sell that sponsorship position to advertisers, or to brand their own networks.

weather 2Weather content from Screenfeed includes full-screen animated regional radar, dozens of weather forecast maps and graphics, and twice-daily video weather forecasts from a team of professional meteorologists, available in HD or standard definition. Custom weather services are available to format a weather presentation for any zone size, to handle sponsorships or match a network’s ‘look-and-feel’.

Screenfeed is a division of the 10-year-old interactive agency Treefort. It was launched last year to address network operator demands for high quality, steadily updated content that is also affordable.

Screenfeed is breaking from industry norms by not requiring any subscription term contracts for its services.

“Networks have enough risk involved in hardware costs and generating ad sales to fund their growth,” says Jeremy Gavin, Screenfeed CEO. “There’s no real need to lock in our customers to long-term subscription commitments. We looked at industry needs, and are going instead with a ‘pay for what you use’ program that gives our clients the flexibility to start and stop as they need.”

The two-minute weather3weather reports developed by Screenfeed provide exceptional content for networks that support audio, such as those running at gas pumps, in transportation and in waiting rooms.

“DOOH network operators can increase viewership by providing expanded weather content that goes well beyond the norm,” says Gavin. Screenfeed’s enhanced service options include severe weather advisories, weather data displayed over regional maps (such as predicted snowfall), and animated radar recaps that can show how weather systems moved through areas over the previous 12 hours.

weather6Also available by location are: reports on UV index, snow depth, heat index, crop moisture, drought indexes, tropical storm, satellite imagery and more.

And, rather than having to use the more rigid, pre-formatted templates that remain common in the subscription content industry, Screenfeed also has custom weather presentation solutions that enable network operators to tune the weather content’s shape and appearance to their needs.

Samples of Screenfeed’s HD Weather feeds and other digital signage content can be seen at

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