Live Tweets From The DS Investor Conference

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Once again, we were tweeting live during a must-see industry event. This time, Adrian Cotterill and Gail Chaisson were at the Strategy Institute’s Digital Signage Investor Conference, sharing their impressions live:

  • Summary of event, see during day 2
  • WRAPPING UP. Overall a GREAT conference. Day 1 much better than Day 2. Great mix of attendees and speakers. during day 2
  • The 4-screen World foil shows pics of tv, Pc, mobile phone and DS / DOOH screen during day 2
  • nice foil = at home / in life / in store / on shelf during day 2
  • Anyone who’s primary language is not English stands no chance of understanding what Laura is saying (she so fast) during day 2
  • Gosh Laura speaks fast, very, very fast … slow down during day 2
  • we covered Laura’s book this week bizarrely, see during day 2
  • Shame that Laura’s audience has dwindled to less than 30 folks during day 2
  • Laura Davis-Taylor is up now during day 2
  • Q+A going on a bit ah at last it has finished. Last session of the day and they seem to be missing the last break during day 2
  • Just changed my mind this presentation is VERY tedious. It’s late there r some good presenters to come – GET A MOVE ON during day 2
  • This presentation is a little bit tedious. It’s late there are some good presenters to come – GET A MOVE ON during day 2

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