Worldwide Digital Signage Consulting Alliance

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Imperative Group and invidis consulting have formed a strategic alliance to provide comprehensive digital signage and out of home consulting and go-to market and project support services for retailers, landlords, media agencies, brands and technologists.

As separate businesses, invidis already offers market research, analytics, procurement, communication and event services to high tech, digital, and enterprise clients.

Imperative offers network development, delivery and marketing communication services to the digital, retail and media sectors.

We are told that both businesses operate across Europe and the Middle East though that may be more Chris Heap and Imperative than the seemingly thorough German invidis folks mind!

Chris Heap, Imperative Group’s Managing Director told us “In forming this alliance, we can help our customers conceive, manage and deliver digital signage projects that create viewer value and returns measurable benefits to the brand through managed, measured and accountable practises”

He added “We then add exceptional value by applying the talent of our international network of knowledgeable retail media and digital out of home experts to help us achieve the best possible results for our clients and their customers”

Imperative of course will also bring to bear its recently announced North American associates to add experiential value and geographic coverage to the alliance.

Florian Rotberg, Managing Director, invidis consulting told us “This alliance brings together two complementary businesses with shared values and working principles. I believe this offers real value to the marketplace in terms of the talent, knowledge, process and operational practices we can bring to bear for prospective or existing clients in the digital signage and out of home markets whether they be in Europe, North America or the Middle East”

Both partners will work closely together to add value and apply their combined experience, know-how, people, contacts and networks to provide a depth of knowledge, operational expertise and capability to deliver projects.

About Invidis Consulting

invidis consulting GmbH, headquartered in Munich/Germany, is a renowned European consulting firm for digital signage. The business model is based on four pillars; consulting, research, communications and events. To provide clients with all the necessary market information – comprehensive and accurate industry data in the entire digital signage value chain are continuously collected and analyzed. Thereby taking into account the various communication and content distribution processes in the relevant vertical markets across Europe.

One of the strategic objectives of the specialized consultancy is to strengthen its own position as the leading information provider for Digital Signage in Europe. The research and consulting business is continuously expanded to additional international markets through strategic alliances.

The company was founded in 2006 by Florian Rotberg (Managing Director) and Oliver Schwede (Senior Analyst). invidis consulting is a founding member of OVAB Europe, DMS Cisco Eco Group and a strategic partner of the Imperative Group. References include Avaya, Celstream, Cisco, Daimler, Dell, ECE Flatmedia, Evonik, GfK, HP, Hyundai IT, IBM, LG Electronics, NEC Displays, Neo Advertising, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Scala, Sharp, T-Systems and others.

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