Doohstuff With POSTV

Chris Sheldrake

We could happily write stories about content companies winning deals each and every day. Whether it be with some of our personal favourites such as BlueFox, Doohstuff, Iconic Images or ScreenFeed it is proof positive that the eco-system around our industry is booming and that the content suppliers are providing a much needed service.

Here we see Doohstuff B.V. cement a two year contract with Neo Media Group’s POSTV business in the Netherlands.

Doohstuff will provide POSTV with content for their consumer electronic networks and Holland’s most extended grocery instore tv program, Supermarket TV. Both channels together are furnished with up to 5000 screens, mostly HD or HD ready.

Michiel Reinoud, managing director at POSTV told us “Our objective concerning developing and maintaining existing networks has always been based on innovative entrepreneurship. To achieve this objective we like to cooperate with young and clever companies based on creative and innovative concepts. So the choice for Doohstuff as our content partner was an easy one”

POSTV will receive Dutch weather reports, HD clips, stills and animations via

Piet Hein Goossens, general manager at Doohstuff told us “POSTV is one of the leading digital signage companies in Europe. Having POSTV as a customer means our vision, offering all relevant content to DOOH networks through one easy accessible spot, does make sense”

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