A Guide To Digital Media In Retail

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Newly formed business, The Imperative Group, who we have written about before is to research and write on behalf of POPAIdigital (we assume UK) an introductory publication entitled “A guide to Digital Media in Retail”.

The guide is designed to offer a step by step up-to-date overview of the UK digital media industry in the retail sector and will, we are told, be written for financiers, providers, customers, end users and new entrants.

It is hoped that the publication will comprise a mix of grounded theory, best practice, practical guidance and market developments.

Along side the guide The Imperative Group will also put together a POPAIdigital accredited introductory e-course, consisting of a variety of topic-specific modules that users’ can work through in succession remotely.

Successful completion of the course gets you a BADGE – basically a POPAIdigital accreditation that will be supported by POPAI and provide holders with evidential knowledge through the scheme.

Publication of the guide is planned for late summer 2008 and the e-course scheme available through POPAIdigital late summer / early autumn 2008.

Jason Cremins, Head of POPAIdigital told us “POPAIdigital have a firm commitment to provide to its members and the market the best possible information, properly analysed in a commercial context to help them make better business decisions. The right level of intelligence, thoughtfully interpreted into meaningful and helpful insight will help our members businesses grow. Coupled with thee-learning course to follow, I believe we’re on the right road to proving yet more usable, credible information from which our members can benefit. As such, we’re delighted to be using the Imperative Group to conduct this work and to be leveraging their experience and know-how for the benefit of POPAIdigital and its members.”

The accreditation scheme sounds similar to Cisco’s Academy of Digital Signage – maybe you get a badge with them too!

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