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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Alex Hawkes who writes for – the website for the railway industry, has restored our faith in journalism with a very good article entitled “Sign Of The Times

He writes “Digital signage has often failed to light up the rail sector, but have recent success stories finally changed opinions?” and goes on to interview and quote Robert Hood at Transvision, Jason Cotterrell commercial director at CBS Outdoor and Graeme Hay, commercial manager of Heathrow Express.

Unless it has been corrected by the time you read the article – and it’s well worth reading – then the only slight mistake is that Robert Hood is misquoted. It should have said that “Titan is planning to add over 100 digital ‘6 sheet’ screens to the rail network” not ‘6 this year’ which was (first) mentioned – when we first read that we thought they meant that they were adding 6 giant Transvision type LEDs which does not seem to be the case.

Near the end of article Graeme Hay explains the pioneering streak in the industry – making mention of the Sidetrack in-tunnel advertising system (which as you know from reading here was the first of its kind in Europe).

Graeme was quoted as saying “As a rail operator and a media broadcaster I would like to think we are pioneering, we ensure innovation is placed across our entire media portfolio.”

Alex ends his article by saying “Examples such as Heathrow Express and the growing businesses of outdoor media agencies such as CBS and Titan suggest digital signage has made great strides within the rail sector in recent years. With brands also developing a greater understanding of the ways in which digital advertising can target rail passengers, interest in the concept looks set to continue, particularly if digital signage equipment prices continue to fall”.

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