Nielsen Mall Study For Adspace

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Nielsen Media Research’s new study found that 65 percent of mall traffic sees the Smart Screens in the Adspace Digital Mall Network – up from 47 percent as seen in the same study done back in April 2007!

Overall impressions increased 30% versus similar findings 2 years ago (2007)

Bill Ketcham, executive vice president, chief marketing officer, Adspace Networks told us “This is the second audience study that Nielsen has conducted for Adspace, making it a powerful tool for tracking progress on key audience metrics,”

He added “The dramatic increase in the percent of mall traffic viewing the Smart Screens is particularly noteworthy, and suggests that consumers are more engaged with the medium.”

Adspace attributes the increase in viewing to a number of improvements made over the last two years – more engaging editorial content was rolled out in response to extensive consumer research.

In addition to the Today’s Top Ten program, which highlights the best deals in the mall that day, the network has added “Essentials”, a collection of seasonal items, and newly launched “Trend Alert”, which showcases the must-have trends of the season.

Bill Ketcham believes “The content has always been a key differentiator for Adspace. We have conducted a significant amount of research to understand the mall shoppers, and give them programming that captures their attention.” ”

Adspace has also significantly increased the caliber of its advertisers including strong participation from Hollywood studios, consumer packaged goods brands and telecommunications companies.

The Nielsen study also showed commercial awareness increasing dramatically among total mall visitors. Ads from Sony Pictures, Claritin, Olay and Estée Lauder were tested and the average awareness score increased 44 percent versus 2007.

Dominick Porco, chairman and CEO, Adspace Networks told us “This landmark study will provide additional comfort to those brand marketers who are aggressively moving dollars from traditional television to our network,”

He added “Our continued progress in delivering higher levels of viewing and commercial awareness makes our value proposition even more compelling versus television.”

The study also measured the audience metrics recommended by the Outdoor Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB).

OVAB defines an impression as a person in a screen’s viewing zone that notices the screen and is in the zone for a length of time equal to the loop length (i.e., in a position to see every commercial in the loop).

According to Nielsen, Adspace generates 4.9 impressions per viewer, and 3.2 impressions per average mall visitor, representing a 49 percent increase versus the 2007 Nielsen study.

A great piece of research that deserves wider a much wider circulation.

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