YouTube’s Got TV (and Carnaby Street)

Chris Sheldrake

YouTube is promoting its new full length TV shows from 4 on Demand with various interactive digital adverts.

corner of Carnaby Street and Beak Street, London

Corner of Carnaby Street and Beak Street, London

This street level campaign in London’s bustling Carnaby Street went live yesterday (10th December) and is part of a broad campaign to promote YouTube’s new UK ‘Shows’ section of its site.

The digital window display features user touch interaction and sound and pedestrians are encouraged to take control of the ad by selecting a video clip from one of five popular programmes from 4oD, in this instance; Father Ted, Derren Brown, The IT Crowd, Peep Show and Shameless.

Once a segment is touch activated, the system transforms into a vibrant screen displaying teasers from the show.

The interactive ad is part of a wider campaign centred on the message ‘YouTube’s got TV’ and includes bus sides, tube panels and full-page print ads, as well as online video pre-roll and display ads.

Hyperspace, the innovations division of Posterscope UK, along with Monster Media UK teamed up to devise the street-level interactive ad.

Hyperspace‚Äôs Senior Project Manager, Richard Simkins, who is managing the campaign told us “As a company we are always looking for innovative ways of delivering engaging communications for our clients”

He added “Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate, we are seeing a much higher number of well located, good quality, disused retail spaces appearing in prime retail locations around the UK; combined with the ever evolving interactive technology this means we can create great campaigns for our clients. YouTube have benefited from this and have achieved a perfect channel through which to promote their new TV content partnership with 4oD”.

PHD worked alongside Posterscope to implement the campaign and Naresh Ramchandani and Steven Qua created the visual identity of the project.

Monster Media will monitor and maintain the display around the clock and will also track the number of times the system is activated, providing YouTube with a tangible return on their investment.

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  1. welsh Says:

    It looks and works great except the colour balance is out on one of the screens.

  2. SKELLON Says:

    Went past it tonight and it looked and worked fantastic, loads of people stopping and playing, very cool execution

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