Jewellery Store Fronts

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Strangely enough if you look around retail you won’t see very many Jewellery sector signage installations (tell us if we are wrong) – perhaps their products speak volume for themselves (you do notice that many people stop or pause and look in Jewellery store windows – there’s always something nice to look at).

Window displays in retail seem to be the big driver at the moment. Not everyone is doing it well but I think we can safely say that the vast majority of the installations are along the right lines – big screen, viewable in daylight, some user engagement and interaction, call to action etc.

Anyway we heard a rumour that window display experts Motomedia are having a go at their first permanent in-store installation and it just happens to be with a Jewellery company (who just happen to be one of the world’s largest Jewellery companies).

Merriam Webster says ‘jewelery’ isn’t a word (jewellery is the British version, jewelry is the American one)

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