Hang em’ High

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Eye Digital Landscape

Interesting that EYE should have chosen landscape here but it sort of works hanging from the ceilings (especially as the screens are so large) – whereas of course portrait (in 6-sheet format or larger) works best on the floor with approaching pedestrian traffic.

These screens look huge. The EYE announcement made previously has doubled their Landscape Digital offering in malls – something that we know their advertisers will love.

There is a trend in Malls worldwide that screens need to be big to make an impact – as witnessed by some of the really good window displays from the likes of Windowgain and to a lesser extent by Motomedia (who cheat by using a small screen and lots of vinyl – though it still sort of works – having a massive impact at least).

We expect Mall networks to roll out ever bigger screens going forward.

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