LocaModa Launches DOOH App Store

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based LocaModa, Inc. has launched a Digital Out-of-Home App Store, believed to be the first of its kind to offer place-based networks a one-stop shop for social media applications, specifically designed for venues ranging from cafes, bars, quick serve restaurants, public spaces, cinemas, and convention centers.

The key features of the LocaModa App Store are: free applications with revenue-generating ad units; paid applications with the Software as a Service model; in-application ad serving and network aggregation; and third party applications and content distribution.

Leading local events and entertainment site Eventful and popular location-based social networking site Foursquare are already available in the store.

All applications take advantage of LocaModa’s place-based social media platform to enable:

  • Network interactivity and measurement features for user profile, venue, group, area code, city, network and global metrics;
  • Cross channel connectivity to social networks and brand websites;
  • Mobile interactivity and connectivity to social sites to create real-time, location-aware streams of user generated content;
  • Real-time content monitoring tools;
  • Customizable frameworks for rapid development of network or venue branding/designs.

“Audiences today are extremely connected via mobile phones, web and social networks,”
says Stephen Randall, LocaModa’s CEO. “We’ve designed the LocaModa App Store to make it easier for place-based networks to engage that connected audience, become measurable and attract interactive media dollars.”

The LocaModa App Store is available to any place-based network or venue owner wanting to leverage interactive revenue generating content and extend their reach via LocaModa’s existing network partners and the 15,000+ social locations they represent.

Stephen King, senior vice-president sales at LocaModa says that the LocaModa App Store enables simple plug and play solutions that generate revenue. He says that brands looking to build, connect, and extend their digital media strategies can now easily engage audiences across all screens: web, mobile, TV and DOOH.

The first 15 applications on the LocaModa App Store are now available.

LocaModa will be demonstrating the LocaModa App Store and place-based applications at the DSE, Booth 1924.

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  1. JR of A2aMEDIA Says:

    LocaModa’s use of social media in digital out-of-home networks is another example of how the medium is increasing its use of interactive initiatives to drive consumer engagement. Recent developments in DOOH technology have resulted in advanced interactive add-ons to DOOH, such as systems that include image and speech recognition, allowing advertisements to display messages tailored to the individual consumer. Additionally, a growing number of DOOH displays can now interact with viewers’ mobile phones. The advertising field as a whole should take note of the DOOH industry’s work to engage with consumers through these new interactive initiatives. It’s this type of out-of-the-box thinking that is driving not only advertising dollars, but also the growing field of DOOH. We recently discussed this and other DOOH related subjects on our blog. You can check it out here: http://www.a2amedia.com.

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