#dse2010 – DSF Interim Board

Andrew Neale

The industry’s press had to get up early on Wednesday morning to attend the eagerly anticipated Digital Signage Federation (DSF) press briefing (held in Room N258, LVCC).

We had earlier already told our readers that we believed that both Intel and BroadSign would be involved in the DSF and most probably be on the interim board in some capacity. We got Intel wrong – looks like they threw their hat in the ring with the DSA (nothing announced yet though).

Anyway, the Interim Board members standing up for an independent industry voice include:-

  • Phil Cohen, President & CEO, Care Media Holdings
  • Rich Cooley, CEO & Founder, Visser Digital Media
  • Alan Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting, LLC
  • Laura Davis-Taylor, Vice President Global Retail Strategy, Creative Realities, Inc.
  • Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Out-of-Home Media Director, StarCom World Wide
  • Jennifer Bolt, Executive Director, Media Services & Innovation, Tracy Locke Advertising
  • Bob Stowe, Director, Marketing Services, Wendy’s International
  • Carre Dawson, Director of Business Development, DS, Harris Corporation Broadcast Communications
  • Bill Trainor, President, Capital Networks Limited
  • Brian Dusho, President, BroadSign International
  • Ken Goldberg, CEO, Real Digital Media
  • Pierre Richer, President & COO, NEC Display Solutions Americas

Gail and Adrian both attended the press briefing as well, and we will have a couple more posts in a few hours time.

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