#dse2010 – DSF Board Member Thoughts

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The make up of the DSF Interim board is actually interesting. If DSE was NOT planning this for a while then hats off to them for quickly and efficiently putting a well rounded mix of folks together.

The biggest talking point will probably be Ken Goldberg. He writes his reasons for joining here.

Here’s the full list again :-

  • Phil Cohen, President & CEO, Care Media Holdings
  • Rich Cooley, CEO & Founder, Visser Digital Media
  • Alan Brawn, Principal, Brawn Consulting, LLC
  • Laura Davis-Taylor, Vice President Global Retail Strategy, Creative Realities, Inc.
  • Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Out-of-Home Media Director, StarCom World Wide
  • Jennifer Bolt, Executive Director, Media Services & Innovation, Tracy Locke Advertising
  • Bob Stowe, Director, Marketing Services, Wendy’s International
  • Carre Dawson, Director of Business Development, DS, Harris Corporation Broadcast Communications
  • Bil Trainor, President, Capital Networks Limited
  • Brian Dusho, President, BroadSign International
  • Ken Goldberg, CEO, Real Digital Media
  • Pierre Richer, President & COO, NEC Display Solutions Americas

First off there is a nice mix of vendors, networks, end users and some consultancy types.

In no particular order our thoughts on (some) of the board members…

  • BroadSign were not a member of the DSA so they haven’t jumped ship BUT simply thrown their hat into the (DSF) ring. BroadSign are of course great supporters of OVAB and OVAB Europe so it is not like they have an aversion to associations (or paying big money for the privilege).
  • NEC display solutions (the folks in the US at least behind the misguided and sure to be misfiring VUKUNET are there) – if they knew what VUKUNET was supposed to do though they’d be better off joining OVAB.
  • CARE Media networks are a big EnQii customer. Stuart Armstrong from EnQii is of course the president of the DSA so it is interesting maybe that they (CARE) should join the DSF.
  • Creative Realities Inc. (CRI) who were represented on the day by Laura Davis-Taylor (fresh from a very successful 150+ DOOH Advertising Summit) are interesting because their investment owner ALSO owns CoolSign. Lou Giacalone of course from CoolSign is a big DSA advocate.
  • Harris who seem to be taking digital signage really serious these days are noticeable by joining up.
  • Some nice OOH networks on the board which may raise flags to OVAB or no? CARE media of course previously mentioned but also those nice guys at Visser Digital Media, Capital Networks and of course media communications agency StarCom World Wide.

One Response to “#dse2010 – DSF Board Member Thoughts”

  1. Philip M. Cohen Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    I want to comment on your observation that I’ve joined the Digital Signage Federation as an interim board member while my good friend Stu Armstrong is president of the Digital Signage Association. First, just FYI, I joined the DSA as well as OVAB, and am a subscriber to your DOOH, Digital Signage Today and several LinkedIn news groups for DS. My point here Adrian is that I wholeheartedly support any entity that promotes our industry.

    After over 20 years of being in a very small and lonely medium sometimes called Place-Based or Captive Audience with videotape, then DVD, Broadband and I met and married but still didn’t know we weren’t alone in the world. Until I heard from Bill Collins in 2002 informing me that there really was a digital signage (really? what the hell kind of name is digital signage? I asked!) revolution out there. Then I met Mike DiFranza, a visionary who had a wild idea of starting an association for DOOH. Attending that first organizational meeting of OVAB I finally felt I wasn’t alone in this. And attending my first DSE, I think I heard Angels sing!

    Since then Adrian, if there is a meeting anywhere in the US of three people to promote DOOH, I am there with staff and checkbook available.

    And, as a side note, thank you for starting your DOOH and making it so …cool.

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