Cityspace Unveils Smart Point

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Cityspace Smart Point

Another great example of interesting street furniture – here we see a new Cityspace unit which they call a ‘Smart Point’

It’s described as a ‘modular range of interactive terminals delivering real-time travel information and journey planning at the point of need’

The press release we received yesterday said that it was “Already attracting interest from a number of local authorities and Train Operating Companies, Merseyrail recently ordered several units to support its need for information, Permit to Travel and security at five unstaffed stations in the Wirral, due to go live by the autumn”

The one shown above is at Notting Hill, London.

There’s quite a bit in the Smart Point…

  • Interactive touch screen services, including online journey planning, timetables, local area maps, print outs and local digital travel content and DDA compliant
  • Broadcast services via the latest TV-style screens displaying real-time bus and rail departures, disruptions, local news, events and public announcements. Single or two-sided
  • Ticketing – full self-service smart ticketing capability and cashless Permit to Travel
  • Help Point option provides Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) for routing to a travel call centre or emergency services
  • CCTV can easily be added for security or surveillance
  • Illuminated branding panel, giving 24/7 visibility and promotion of operator or authority brand and service information
  • Map and timetable panel, for carrying changeable printed signage, route or local area maps

Guy Wolfenden, Director of Transport, Cityspace told us “The Smart Point is testament to our passion for improving the passenger waiting experience” and added “With 12 years of experience in designing interactive touch screen public services, we believe the Smart Point presents the ultimate travel service model for the transport industry. State-of-the-art technology delivers multiple functions into a single structure providing a simple, low-cost, highly valued public service at the point of need – it simply doesn’t get better than that!”

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