Best Wave Officially Launches DisplayIt! 3.0

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Digital signage software provider Best Wave, Scottsdale, Arizona, has officially launched worldwide its new DisplayIt! 3.0 that features support for both X86 PC and Apple Mac Mini media players.

“Best Wave has proven success in the digital signage market’s thousands of customers who need less than 100 displays and want an easy, inexpensive, and feature-rich solution,” says John Glitsos, Best Wave president. “The additional support for PC and Apple media players further expands the solutions our resellers have to sell into this relatively untapped market.”

With the launch of DisplayIt!, Best Wave management says that it has dramatically lowered the cost of entry into digital signage for both small business and corporate customers, eliminating contracts and recurring charges or usage fees. Ideal for those needing a quick and easy content creation and scheduling system, DisplayIt! provides a cost effective, all-in-one solution that allows customers to implement a dynamic digital signage system from day one, while offering all the features and flexibility required to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

DisplayIt! can be fully managed in-house, eliminating the need for a dedicated IT department or specialized network infrastructure. Ready to work right out of the box on an existing network following a simple 10-minute installation process, DisplayIt! is an expandable solution designed to grow along with a customer’s business. Customers can harness the power of a digital signage solution immediately through a single software purchase, with the opportunity to add additional players at any time as their signage network needs grow.

DisplayIt! has a wide variety of practical applications: manufacturers can broadcast production schedules and priority messages to the shop floor; schools and universities can display class schedules, lecture announcements and emergency messages; real estate agencies can deploy public-facing screens to broadcast up-to-date property information; hotels can display local events, suggestions and schedules; local governments can provide community updates to the public.

Potential customers can test drive the software by downloading a free 30-day trial. Watching the online 9-minute demo of the software is sufficient for most users to become productive and see impressive results. More advanced customers can take advantage of Best Wave’s training webinars, which explore the extended feature set of the software, including emergency messaging, streaming video and embedded XML links.

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