Two New Products Launched By iSign

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Vancouver-based iSign Media Corp., Vancouver, has launched two new products: The Digital Greeter and the Virtual Makeover Kiosk.

The Digital Greeter is designed for retail chains to virtually ‘greet’ and communicate with consumers’ cell phones, offering loyalty membership coupons and brand advertising at no cost to the consumer. It includes an exclusive host of shopper conveniences and unprecedented access to valuable shopper insight.

The Virtual Makeover Kiosk is powered by innovative cosmetic try-on application software. It is designed to provide North America’s most prominent cosmetic retailers with an innovative and relevant solution to reach shoppers at the point of purchase in a market worth over $20 billion annually. iSIGN’s licensed Bluetooth transmission solution is embedded in the kiosk to deliver user-relevant product offerings and brand-sponsored beauty tips directly to a shopper’s mobile phone – providing an opportunity to influence purchase decisions in real time.

iSIGN will power its interactive messaging solution on the IBM AnyPlace Kiosk platform – seen as among the industry’s most reliable, proven and supported self-service technology solutions.

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