#IC10 – Cisco Ad Exchange

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We told you back in December 2009 that Cisco was all set to launch an Ad Exchange business, along the lines of Adcentricity, BookingDOOH and SeeSaw Networks, at DSE last week but observant visitors and readers will have noted that no mention was made of same.

Rumour is that Thomas Wyatt pulled the announcement at the very last minute. We think that it could be down to (a) Cisco seeing sense and figuring out it has no reason (or indeed need) to play in this space and / or (b) it has seen the very lukewarm response to NEC’s VUKUNET offering (the daftest of them all we have to say).

The announcement is now tentatively set for InfoComm 2010 in Las Vegas we believe. Mind you, we are sure that all those AV folks and systems integrators will really understand a DOOH booking engine so hats off to Cisco for choosing a great place to launch.

If you don’t see it at #IC10 expect never to see it (and here’s hoping).

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  1. Joyce Vogt Says:

    As someone who has worked within the DOOH industry for many, many years and am now working inside of a large AV company, I think you highly underestimate the knowledge of some of the members of this community. This industry has a problem…that is that size matters! The DOOH industry will never experience any real success unless we can make buying our media easier for the brand community. The real untapped value is in local advertising, but in the meantime, national brand advertisers are critical to its success. I have been working closely with Cisco over the last year plus and believe they get it on a much more strategic level than you’ll ever give them credit for. This is about shifting the paradigm, about democratizing media, about the long tail of advertising. A company like Cisco that is working within the larger brand and advertising community will provide a platform for evolving this media…and that will benefit us all!

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