Les Affichages Pikasso City Mall, Beirut

Chris Sheldrake

Here we see Les Affichages Pikasso sal. install its first Digital Signage Network in City Mall located in Beirut, Lebanon – the network will include advertisements as well as various local, community and mall messages.

MxN Middle East was appointed to provide a total software solution and ongoing support for the network and it’s a CoolSign implementation we believe.

Antonio Vincenti, Chairman and CEO of Les Affichages Pikasso sal. told us “We take great pride in the rollout of our Digital Signage Network. It allows us to provide up-to-date, relevant communications and advertising that makes an impact. This positions us as a leading retailer in the use of technology for advertising and communication purposes in Lebanon and the Region”

The network itself comprises 8 large format LCD screens strategically located throughout the City Mall.

Raad Raad, Managing Director of MxN told us “At MxN we take great pleasure with the completion of this installation. We made a commitment to provide a Quality solution and Ongoing Support to Pikasso. Everyone in both organizations should be proud of their respective and collective achievements on this project. We truly believe that in all areas such as; hardware, software, installation, content, ongoing support and management that the Pikasso network will be one of the best in the Region”

Early research in the Middle East would seem to indicate that the ‘out of home’ media industry is growing at a fast rate – seems to us that the signage sector is constantly looking for innovative cost effective solutions and that CoolSign partner MxN seems to be behind a lot of them!

About Pikasso

Les Affichages Pikasso sal is the number one outdoor advertising company in Lebanon since 1986. It also has a leading position in Jordan and Iraq, and has the 1st national poster advertising network in Algeria under the name of Lawhat Algerie.

With more than 8,000 advertising faces, Pikasso enjoys a key position in the Levant and North Africa region and offers a comprehensive range of products and formats in 300 cities and towns.

Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of its development to constantly meet its clients’ needs.

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