The Secret Life Of Arabia

Chris Sheldrake

The U.A.E. and Dubai’s newest shopping mall opened its doors a few weeks ago and we hear that Imagesound Arabia were selected to provide background music to all the mall’s public areas and will also be providing bespoke music content to a large number of individual retail and restaurant brands within the mall.

Mirdif City Centre Mall includes 350 individual retail outlets and over 75 restaurants.

2 Responses to “The Secret Life Of Arabia”

  1. Habibi Says:

    So all that is needed now are shoppers to visit yet another new malll in overshopped Dubai! If you visit Dubai Mall, seemingly the worlds biggest mall, there are an incredible array of LED walls, a blitheringly useless wayfinding system that fails to work properly, expensive ( even by european standards) boutiques and wait for this, a massive throng of visitors. These visitors are on tour with the vast majority window shopping and 7 in 10 not carrying shopping bags!

  2. Kifaq Hilla Says:

    Habibi is spot on. Dubai is overshopped, the wayfinding and digital signage is ineffective. More importantly the footfall in Dubai Mall is impressive, after all it is a tourist destination. What matters, the till receipts and profit are sadly lacking. Early days and we want it to work for our Emirate. Any ideas DailyDOOH?

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