#Kioskcom – Tweet Tables

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

First off I guess we better get used to using #CETW instead of #Kioskcom and #digitalsignshow but here’s the stats we always produce after a show (the more detailed report has gone to the show organisers).

The total number of Twitter impressions was an impressive 338,847

Top Ten Twitterers

DailyDOOH 115
KioskCom 90
Digitalsignshow 78
signagelive 51
kioware 31
touchecomm 27
mksmither 26
vollmerpr 21
ZebraTechnology 18

(Name and Number of Tweets respectively of course)

Top Ten Twitter Impressions

DailyDOOH 116363
Digitalsignshow 38137
KioskCom 25164
signagelive 20433
ZebraTechnology 17556
mksmither 16890
vollmerpr 12908
motionstream 5421
tradeshownews 4853
WrightToKnow 4461

(Name and number of impressions respectively of course)

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