Hats Off #ScreenMediaExpo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Big hats off to #ScreenMediaExpo who’s PR strategy was spot on (we wrote a few weeks ago that the event had 30 – 50 registered press attendees) as Gideon Spanier wrote in the London Evening Standard newspaper today after visiting the event.

We quote “Imagine a poster advertisement with a miniature camera that can see if you are a man or woman — and change accordingly to suit your tastes”, he continued “This poster-sized high-definition TV screen can change dimension — depending on whether you are two feet or 20 feet away — to pull you in. There might also be an augmented reality screen next to it, with images beamed from a digital projector onto holographic glass”

He was of course talking about Intel’s interactive augmented reality screen and digital TV poster ad (a tiny TV camera sits in the centre at the top of each screen) shown above.

This is exactly the sort of mainstream press coverage the industry needs.

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