Amscreen Wins Again

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Amscreen announced this morning that it had been appointed by WHSmith Travel as its exclusive digital signage partner in a five year deal. This is NOT WHSmith retail stores in general but the WHSmith shops found in UK travel hubs such as airports and overground rail stations – nevertheless it is a good win.

The WHSmith Travel network of old was one of our favourites – setup and managed by Liquid Digital for many years, then (formerly AIM listed) Retec who purchased Liquid Digital and did little it seems to grow the network (we think it max’ed out at something like 18 or 19 stores). The network of old certainly seemed to lose a lot of the love, care and attention that used to make it so good so we are not surprised than someone as aggressive at sales as Amscreen was able to persuade the WHSmith head office people in Swindon to switch vendors.

The screens (as they are now) will be strategically positioned by payment points, queuing areas and above newspaper stands and will be used to convey messaging on relevant products and promotions.

Simon Smith COO at WHSmith Travel commented “The Amscreen technology is the ideal solution for our environment, as it provides us a scalable high quality means of communicating with the millions of customers that pass through our WHSmith Travel stores.”

We’d agree with Simon Sugar, CEO at Amscreen when he said “It’s a high footfall network … and we see it as a good extension to our forecourt convenience store network.”

About WHSmith

WHSmith currently operates over 1000 stores, primarily in the UK, comprising over 565 high street stores and 490 retail units in airports, railway stations, hospitals, workplaces and motorway service areas. WHSmith sells a wide range of newspapers, magazines, stationery, books and confectionery products, with WHSmith Travel tailoring its offer to meet the needs of people on the move.

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