Exclusive – First Look At VMG’s ICONIC Pod

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s the first picture of the first of Vision Media Group’s Iconic Pods that has come off of the production line.

These will be rolled out to all their Malls by end of November we believe. That’s not an insignificant investment but necessary, both to get away from the dreadful TV-on-a-stick that we see in so much retail (especially worse in Malls) across the world and specifically we understand under the terms of VMG’s agreement with Clear Channel.

2 Responses to “Exclusive – First Look At VMG’s ICONIC Pod”

  1. C Goddard Says:

    All looks good dailyDOOH but i hope all us long standing investors who are down 99% on paper wil some day get a return on its investment. What do you think.

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    As our readers on the iii investment forum site will know only too well, we have covered what we believe to be the financials of VMG (and ASG for that matter) in some detail. In our post “Ready Reckoner For VMG / CCUK (UK PDS 22M)” see http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/1256 we looked in detail at the sort of worth that the clear channel deal means for VMG. We are as surprised as anyone that the city has not picked up on this – its in our mind a very valuable contract.

    These iconic pods are the start of that process.

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