DOmedia’s New Version DOfind

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Columbus, Ohio-based DOmedia, positioned as the most comprehensive database and tool set for alternative, traditional and digital out-of-home media, has released its enhanced DOfind, an online, subscription-based tool that allows agencies and advertisers to search more than 200,000 out-of-home media properties – using an extensive set of parameters, such as venue type and target audience – for precise results.

From the initial search results, subscribers can access detailed information for each product offering, including planning rates, locations, audience data, production requirements and company contact information. The result is a significant savings in time, money and resources during the concept development, research and early planning phases of a campaign.

DOmedia claims that DOfind incorporates many features that no other service offers. For one, it runs the full gamut of OOH media, instead of being niche, like other services. In addition, it drills into location specific information and individual placements.

Whether a subscriber is building a digital out-of-home media plan to reach active moms in the top 10 DMAs or needs unique media ideas to reach beach-goers in Southern California within five miles of a client’s swimwear shop, the enhanced DOfind platform makes it easy to locate the information they need faster than ever before. Through its wide variety of search criteria options, DOfind easily powers both broad and targeted data requests. Search options include defined geographies (DMAs, MSAs, ZIP Code and proximity to a location), media category, venue type or target audience demographics. Dynamic filters, user-defined sort order and Product Profile summaries enable DOfind subscribers to quickly identify the best media options for their needs.

From the Search Results, subscribers can select the appropriate Product Profiles to access critical planning-level data such as network at a glance (for digital place-based media only), planning rates, contract terms, audience demographics, network impressions, coverage areas, art requirements and production specs, to name a few. Additionally, agency and advertiser clients can send an electronic request-for-information at any time, using a quick link within the profile. After viewing product information at an aggregate level, the user can then view location-specific information for each listing.

“With the launch of DOfind, subscribers can now navigate the industry’s most extensive data warehouse of out-of-home media properties using a refined vertical search engine,” says Rich Langdale, interim CEO, DOmedia, and managing partner, NCT Ventures. “DOfind not only helps our clients identify what media properties are out there, it also gives them unparalleled information about each and every one of them. With this tool, agencies and advertisers can research and identify the right properties and providers for their campaigns more efficiently than ever before, giving them more time to plan creative, effective and successful campaigns.”

DOmedia unveiled its first search platform in Aug., 2008, and solicited extensive customer feedback to improve the research vehicle, both in terms of search functionality as well as the media property data available. That feedback has been incorporated into DOfind’s enhanced capabilities and interface, resulting in an experience optimized for usability.

DOmedia’s basic search tool remains a valuable, complementary research and ideation resource available to all approved, registered users. Basic elements such as name, address and contact information for the media provider are available for free. DOfind doesn’t allow advertisers or agencies to book directly with a media
network, but gives them an easy way to connect and request follow-up.

With the purchase of a DOmedia subscription, qualified agency and advertiser clients receive unlimited access to all DOfind features for 12 months from the activation date. Pricing is based on the total number of registered subscribers within each organization.

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