Boink-O! MicroTiles Goes To AIA 2010

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Seems like Christie Digital System’s MicroTiles product is showing up everywhere these days!

Newest locale where Christie Digital’s MicroTiles could be spotted was the American Institute of Architects National Convention at the Miami Beach Convention Center, June 10 – 12. As it also did at InfoComm 2010, to showcase the new interactive technology, Christie partnered with AS a Norwegian software developer, and Show+Tell of New York City, to bring Boink-O! to AIA 2010.

Displayed on a 4-wide by 8-high MicroTiles display, Boink-O! is an interactive game that is controlled by players using their mobile devices and technology. The interactive signage platform enables audience participation by using any mobile phone as a wireless peripheral interface, in this case a game controller.

This technology is ideal for captivating and engaging large audiences by enabling active content browsing and selection, instant polling/voting, or controlling interactive games such as Boink-O!. Show+Tell created Boink-O! as well as the M&M’s characters for the M&M’S WORLD flagship store in Times Square, and were one of the content providers for the Christie MicroTiles launch in Nov./09.

For the AIA, Christie also teamed up with Montreal’s Float 4 Interactive laser sensor technology plus content from Arsenal Media, also Montreal, to showcase a gesture-based interactive retail shopping experience on the popular ‘Big O’ display.

Made up of 14 MicroTiles shaped in an ‘0’ configuration (4 on the top row; 4 on the bottom row; and 3 on each side) users could shop for their favourite style of watch.

The rugged and robust screen surface of the MicroTiles is cool to the touch, which makes them perfect for touchscreen applications. Being driven at their native resolution of 720 x 540 pixels per tile, the tiles yield a pixel pitch of 0.567mm for crisp, high-resolution viewing up close and at any angle.

A sky scraper shaped display was also on Christie’s booth presenting various wayfinding scenarios for audience engagement; and a digital 1 x 5 column demonstrating the jaw-dropping resolution, brilliant color and true blacks that Christie MicroTiles are renowned for. Arsenal, Christie’s lead digital media content agency, provided the video and high resolution images.

Christie’s appearance at the AIA Convention makes a lot of sense, since MicroTiles spectacular image quality and flexibility open up wide possibilities for companies charged with designing and creating large, vivid visual displays for architectural installations – as well as digital out-of-home, event centers, and retail environments. With an unobtrusive, modular building block design, designers can specify any size, and any shape display to fit their intended environment.

Amalgamating the strengths of LED and DLP technology, Christie MicroTiles have a color range that far exceeds conventional LCD and plasma technologies and offer the right combination of high brightness and rich contrast for demanding indoor, high ambient light environments.

The revolutionary digital display technology was recently awarded the Janus de l’Industrie Award from the French Institute of Design (Institut Francais du Design) – France’s coveted design label for outstanding creative products in the field of industrial design.

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