DOOH It In Front Of Millions

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s actually quite difficult to put into words how very excited about Ocean Outdoor’s Live Creative Competition we are.

The event is all set to start with live posting of entries from 9am Monday 27th September. As Alex Hughes wrote in our first post about the competition back on 20th August “It’s always good to see a media owner looking to raise awareness of the Digital Out of Home Industry … from a Designer’s perspective it represents a unique challenge and opportunity to flex one’s creative muscles … the competition can only be a good thing and having the general public as part of your judging panel is a wise move on their part”.

Last week Tim Bleakley told us exclusively “Not quite sure people have really picked up on the live element fully yet. This is a first for any creative competition … you enter and it hits the streets immediately, the work is then chosen by the public as well as the traditional judging panel”.

There has been a lot of ‘noise’ around crowd sourcing but only DOOH can really do something like this properly.

There will be 5 entry categories and final judging (compromising five industry professionals plus input taken from the general pubic) will take place on 1st October 2010.

We’ll be following this event closely.

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