An Open Letter From Digicom

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We welcome news, gossip and all feedback, whether the latter be clarification, observation, new news or criticism. Discussion of our industry sector is very important and balance of views is crucial. A lot of what we say is, of course, our opinion. As long as it is not too malicious we will often report rumour – our argument here is that it is being spoken about by sections of the industry but we do try to clarify when something is a rumour and not necessarily a fact.

Tom Goddard, Executive Chairman, Digicom took exception to our post ‘Even More Digicom Departures?‘ which we published last Thursday. Our thanks go to Tom for taking the time to reach out to us and below published in its entirety is his letter to us…


I was surprised and disappointed by last week’s negative references in DailyDOOH to ‘Digicom departures’ which, for those readers who don’t know any better, might have created a false picture.

Firstly, regarding our respected colleague Tim Butler, as we clearly stated when this change was announced recently, we’re delighted that he will continue to work with Digicom (and also, by the way, other companies with whom I have associations) which is fundamentally different to what your article implied.

Secondly, since Digicom started its sales operation last year, we have built a first-class management team, have expanded our staff numbers considerably, and are actively recruiting at present.  As those of us who have worked in media sales know, regular departures and arrivals of staff is normal.  One must remember that Digicom is still a very young company in a start-up phase which is a tough environment that some people find difficult, particularly when there are high aspirations within the business.  As far as we’re concerned, it is business as usual.

Most people believe that Digicom is a force for good and offers a valuable sales and advisory service across the independent digital signage sector that was not available before.  We are completely committed to growing the sector and therefore supporting all of those working within it in a positive manner.

Tom Goddard
Executive Chairman

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