Digital Concrete Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have often talked about ‘digital drywall’, ‘virtual plasterboard’ and digital facades and these Digital Concrete Screens from Dupont Lightstone look particularly interesting.

Digital Concrete Screens in floors, facades and even pavements can of course make live signage in places as disperse as hotels, airports, night clubs, shopping malls, corporations, science parks and conference centers a lot more interesting and applicable.

The manufacturer describes the Digital Concrete Screens as: –

  • vandalism and weather proof
  • a seamless and natural part of the building’s architecture
  • able to be used as a floor that can be walked across
  • able to surprise as the live image seemingly appears out of nowhere

A standard module is 64x48cm – though other sizes or formats can be made for custom applications and the system is modular enough to make up almost any format or size and can be designed to suit color and surface texture of surrounding building material – the surface can even be primed so that graffiti is easily removable and rejects dirt!

The screen is on the exterior side of the wall (the so-called rain screen) and takes no load but is fixed to the load bearing structure of the building. All electronics are installed on the interior side of the wall and finished with a cover wall which has lids for easy access to the projection units. The media façade can in most cases be constructed with a thickness of just 38cm.

They have a nice angle about the concrete and “digital stone age” but the video examples on their web site were not too flattering with pixels out on the already low resolution image.

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