David Gothard Says “Minkus Is Mincemeat”

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Minkus Electronic Display Systems and those behind it who are claiming patent infringement are getting desperate: They have a short fuse, because the patent will be running out in a few months – that’s the firm opinion of David Gothard, president of Activision.TV, who, to his ironic amusement, now finds himself (AND two of the three companies that he himself is suing in a separate case), all part of the new list of defendents recently added to the Minkus affair.

“I’m not too concerned about this,” says Gothard. “They’re just out to try to get whatever they can. They want to try to get a few people to settle and then figure that they can sue the whole world.”

Gothard says that his own law firm, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, will handle Activision.TV’s own defense, but he definitely intends to be at the joint defendents’ meeting on 4th October in NYC pulled together by the DSA and chaired by Mr Steven Nesbit (details here) in support and to plan strategy with the others.

“We’ll make mincemeat out of them,” he says regarding the Minkus group, it’s important that we are all well prepared.”

As far as his own company’s lawsuit against Richardson Electronics Ltd., Tek Panel Inc. and NEC Display Solutions of America, is concerned, he says “Our obligation is to our shareholders. We’re in amicable talks towards a settlement. We’re not there to put anyone out of business.”

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