Exclusive Interview, Tamir Ginat, C-Nario’s New CEO

Geny Caloisi

As Adrian hinted at late last year ‘#DOOHBizKonf – Absent Without Leave‘ when he said “C-nario missed the opportunity perhaps to introduce a nicer side and introduce to the world their new CEO (yes they have a new CEO)” as word had reached us that C-nario has a new CEO, Tamir Ginat having replaced previous incumbent Arnon Diskin, who in turn moves up to be group Chairman.

I’m meeting Tamir in central London later this morning and we will have an exclusive interview with him up on Monday ahead of #iseurope

Tamir has of course already taken up his post and is based in London. Previously he was EMEA General Manager at NICE Systems, a provider of global integrated digital recording and management solutions.

More on Monday.

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