#DSinvestor – In-Store Metrics

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

For those wondering where in a grocery store or other large retail outlet to place their digital signage to best advantage – or wondering whether the screens they have up may be in the wrong place – here may be a previously unknown solution.

Linda Brennan, chief sales and marketing officer, In-Store Insights Inc. introduced attendants at the conference with her company’s development of a means of patterning the way a shopper moves through the whole store and how what she sees influences her behaviour.

In the past, what was studied was a shopper’s movement on one aisle., and said Brennan, you really have to look at all parts of the store to get a better fix for ROI. With this new means of study, the company can watch the shopper by storeparts, dwell time, conversion rates and track his/her travel paths.

“The metrics can then be used to see what this means to critical behaviour issues,” said Brennan. “The effect of digital media to engage and influence shoppers is now measurable.”

Some of the things InSight has discovered as a result of using the patterning are that shoppers want instant digital awards, and that shoppers are willing to modify their in-store behaviour.

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