#DSInvestor – Obstacles To Growth

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

As mentioned in an earlier post by Adrian Cotterill, Vincent Létang’s end-of-day one talk was in an awful time slot, but had a wealth of information for those still paying attention.

Létang, senior analyst and head of advertising for Screen Digest, initially talked of DOOH’s coming-of-age, with renewed advertising prospects and a forecast of €500 million of DOOH sales in Europe by 2014.

What was most interesting was his rundown of the advantages and disadvantages for DOOH, and while most of the conference attendees are well aware of the advantages of the medium, this editor noted a few of the disadvantages, some of which the industry associations should take note and try to help alleviate by promoting the industry more.

Létang said that OOH is sometimes seen as a disposable secondary branding medium. And he noted that local, urban regulations in many areas remain chaotic, unpredictable and generally tougher.

Among other obstacles he mentioned are incremental production costs; fragmentation; lack of critical mass on a national scale; buying/planning conservatism.

Further, he named numerous obstacles for media owners, including: the need for efficiency research; the handling of flexible booking systems; the risk in commoditizing more digital sites; and te fact that agencies have still to really embrace the new formats.

Hopefully, Létang will have a better placement on the program at the upcoming #DOOHBizKonf in Munich, because attendees should be wide awake so as not to miss his numerous insights!

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