4,000 New Boards For Newad Next 3 Years

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Expect to see an additional 4,000 new digital boards deployed over the next three years by Newad, including 400 scheduled to be installed in various prestigious locations across Canada over the next few weeks.

This is part of the widespread expansion announced Oct. 25, 2010, by the Montreal-based company. In addition to its enhanced services, Newad also introduced its new visual identity to more effectively represent the extent of its marketing expertise.

In reaffirming its position as Canadian leader to engage the Young and Affluent by announcing the expansion of its services, Newad is launching four newly integrated marketing solutions that its management says incorporate key success elements for any marketing campaign. These include Indoor advertising, Experiential Marketing, Publishing and the Web.

Newad is a recognized success story in Canada within the marketing and communications industry, having experienced revenue growth over the last 15 years from $0 to $25 million.

“Newad is now offering streamlined solutions for advertisers who seek highly-effective product and brand placement among the millions of Young and Affluent residents living in major Canadian cities,” says Michael Reha, President and CEO of Newad. “Combined with our new visual identity, this better reflects our corporate personality and the four integrated services we deliver.

“The younger demographic involves a creative targeting strategy because they are different and behave differently. The Newad business model enables advertisers to engage this demographic with their brand by reaching them where they are, and in the most optimal way.”

Newad currently manages 20,000 indoor advertising faces, which generate 34 million weekly impressions across three targeted networks: RestoBar, Campus and Sport. An early adopter and leader in digital displays as well, Newad currently operates 550 high-end digital boards with major expansion plans in this sector, as noted above.

Newad’s former Event Marketing division has evolved into a streamlined Experiential communications platform designed to further attract and engage the Young and Affluent. Strategically bundling a wide range of media services, the consumer experience is optimized in a way that solidifies brand commitment – before, during and after campaign deployment. The company does this by synergizing multiple complementary services including: the web (websites and micro-sites), social media, photos, video, mobile marketing, interactive web programs, data collection and public relations. In this sector, Newad has already deployed more than 2,400 successful brand experiences.

Whether for newspaper, magazine, internet, mobile or micro-site distribution, Newad designs and develops high-quality multimedia content adapted to each strategic marketing activity for its customers. It produces all content for NIGHTLIFE.CA including the magazine, website and newsletter; plus Nightlife Montreal, an iPhone application serving current cultural activities highly sought out by the Young and Affluent in Montreal.

The Publishing division of Newad offers copy-writing, design, video production, photography, graphics and interactive campaign tactics. This division has already produced and disseminated hundreds of video productions, mobile applications and websites for several national advertisers.

In addition, Newad’s new integrated service platform offers digital production services coupled with online ad buys to ensure that each campaign includes the perfect mix of communication tools. Additionally, a new online advertising network targeting this same demographic will be unveiled in the coming weeks, further enabling Newad to deliver millions of monthly impressions across a wide range of websites that are accessed by millions of young Canadians.

In support of the four newly integrated service platforms, Newad sought employee feedback, synergized strategy with visual representation and appointed its art director Didier Lortie to re-cast their visual identity, so it reflects both the present and future of the company. Reha says that Newad also hired Martin Beauvais, a creative designer of international renown, to work with Didier in redesigning the company’s whole identity.

“Our organization has evolved and it was important that our visuals do as well, with a new logo and identity that communicates the professionalism, creativity and modernity of our services,” says Reha. “This new visual representation was the next natural step in growing our business.”

The new logo will now be present on all Newad communication tools. The corporate website (www.newad.com) has also been updated with a new look and now features multiple case study results alongside interactive video presentations. To introduce its new branding, Newad will be visiting major marketing agencies and hosting informative cocktail receptions in several Canadian cities.

Newad has offices in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Moncton The company has received numerous awards, including the Media Innovation Award, the Media Award for the Advancement of Media Science and PROMO! Awards.

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