Rebooting Your Fridge?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ajay Chowdhury wrote earlier this week in EnQii’s latest newsletter…

“Welcome back from the summer. We enter the rest of the year with the digital out-of-home industry continuing to show strong growth in the face of worldwide economic turbulence. A recent forecast from Screen Digest and Gold Media shows the European market quadrupling over the next five years. Similar forecasts continue to show strong double-digit growth in North America and Asia with retailers realizing that catching the shopper at the point of purchase could help overcome sluggish retail sales. It is also becoming less expensive to put the systems in, with rental software-as-a-service models matching costs to advertising revenues and sales uplifts”

We were critical of their second ever newsletter but this one is much, much better – in terms of look of course and has some good stories and articles in.

It’s no surprise that our favourite was “Tech Talk” How often do you reboot your fridge? but there is some great thought leadership and case studies in there as well.

See the newsletter for yourself here

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