DAGOBERT’s Ten Rules Of Content Part 2

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have long been fans of DAGOBERT’s ten rules of content

  1. Define your own magical triangle between promotion, entertainment and brand experience
  2. Adopt a leading theme
  3. Never forget that it is a furtive media
  4. Open a dialogue with the customer
  5. Create Interactivity
  6. Structure the content with a single graphic code or by introducing
    heterogeneous content with short jingles
  7. Be explicit at any stage of the program
  8. Create an efficient sequencing
  9. Preserve yourself from text overloading
  10. To promote an event, create a “cluster” of animations

BUT Morgan Angove in charge of International Business Development at same tells us that they will be presenting their updated ”10 Rules of Content” at 11:30 on 1st October 2008 at the Kiosk / Digital Signage Show in London.

We won’t be there but look fwd to sharing the new rules with you straight after the event if you cannot get there useful also.

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